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The End. [09 Aug 2005|10:24am]
[ mood | peaceful ]

This is the end. Last night was it. I am so sick of all this LiveJournal bullshit. LiveJournal was good in the beginning. It kept my mind off of Daniel. Then once I got in the complete swing of things, I abused this wonderful site. That's my problem. I abuse everything I shouldn't abuse. I do.

Then once I got over Daniel, the only reason I continued LJ was to entertain my friends. And then once they stopped commenting on the things I would say, I started going to the extreme by putting up wild and crazy shit to see who would comment and who wouldn't.

LiveJournal became a chore; something I abhor. It was an endless task to make people comment. That is not good.

To sum it all up, I learned all this last night and decided to call everyone that I have been mean to, unkind to, cruel to, or just pretty much treated like shit. Some people didn't answer, some did. I didn't get to apologize to one girl because her phone died. And I didn't get to talk to another girl because I couldn't find her number.

And that is it. I have cleansed myself. I always say that I don't want ambivalence, but how can I not want what I am? So to not want ambivalence, I must not be it. No more of this. I got to meet a shitload of cool people here but I'm done. So done.

No matter how much anyone in the world hates Michael Curry, I love them. Even if I don't know them.

The end.

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